This website was developed to educate people about why the American experiment is exceptional and the issues plaguing America and encourage them to participate in the political process so we can eliminate the problems destroying our country. The target audience is the God-fearing moral majority. The backbone of America, the salt of the earth. People who work hard for their money and pay their bills and taxes. They raise their kids and take care of their parents—people who love our country and believe in the American Dream.

There is something very wrong in America. It is not that some of us have liberal leanings, and some have conservative leanings. It is the hijacking of our government and, more importantly, our resources. People are not receiving the leadership they thought they elected. Our elections have been modified in many states to give minority special interests the majority votes, and I don’t mean racial minorities. Our government is spending money on wars and favors for other countries. Meanwhile, we have baby formula shortages, and our farmers don’t know how they will pay for diesel and fertilizer. Crime is at all-time highs in our cities, and our children are being indoctrinated to hate each other and America.

The problems plaguing Americans are significant. And, yes, there are many. It is just that most of them are manufactured by our government to distract the people from our lost freedoms and to cause pain to get them to submit.

We are being governed by people who do not put America first. How can this be? They are Americans too! For some, it is the love of easy money. And others to change America and others’ power and control. I can’t guess why people in the government are bent on destroying the American Dream and replacing it with a “hammer and sickle.” The symbol of worker solidarity. The horror of it is amply available in history books. The hammer and sickle are used to get the people to do what they are told. Those that don’t are smashed and bloodied.

If politicians do not work for the people, who do they work for? The answer is campaign money. Think about it. They tell us what we want to hear to get elected, but their actions are for the money that got them elected. Money paid by wealthy elites, corporations, and foreign entities for U.S. government subsidies, grants, and jobs. We discuss the how’s and why’s in the pages for campaign finance reform. Those that benefit are buying the campaigns. And they spend a whole lot more than the average American voter is able or allowed. Yet the voters pay the taxes and are responsible for the national debt.

VSM’s first goal is to eliminate or curtail domestic corporate spending and eliminate all foreign influence in elections. There is a petition to inform and gather interest. Money will be required to pay the attorney fees and spread the message. The alternative is to put your money on a politician who will fight to reform campaign finance. Too many other issues get priority, and their political parties will not allow it. Raising money for the parties is the top priority. No, it must be removed by courageous Americans who will challenge the laws. It won’t take a lot of money. The alternative, raising enough funding to elect politicians who will fix the corrupt election system, is impossible.

In the making of America, ordinary people traded their shovels and pitchforks and fought for their freedom. That freedom was handed down to us. We have been giving it back bit by bit. For those who fought for it and those who defended us all these years, we must do our part and fix our government, or freedom will be lost forever in America.