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By joining VSM, I attest that:

  • I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
  • I will support and defend the Constitution of the United State against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  • I oppose Marxism, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, and any form of government that restricts individual liberty and property ownership.
  • I believe the Charters of Freedom: Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights call for limited government and individual rights.
  • I believe that the best way for America to help other nations of our world is to be strong economically, militarily, be fiscally responsible and debt free.
  • I shall elect representatives who not only attest to the same but conduct themselves accordingly.
  • I will promote these ideals to other Americans and oppose any indoctrination to the contrary on our youth.
  • I will have an open mind and listen to other opinions expressed on VSM. I will treat everyone on VSM with respect.


The core and heart of America is the hard working, law abiding, probably church going God-fearing citizens, who believe in live and let live.  They are raising kids, taking care of parents, and busy with life.  Some pay attention to politics and vote; some just had enough and don’t pay attention anymore.  Maybe they still vote for the party their parents voted.  They are both democrats and republicans, conservatives, and liberals, mostly middle of the road.  The common thread is the belief that the United States went from a small experiment to the greatest nation in the history of the world.  A land where anyone can do and become anything they want if they put forth their best effort.  The land where the American Dreams are created.  We don’t always agree, we don’t always get along.  But we always unite when we are threatened or attacked.  Today we are being threatened by an ideology of an evil movement that can destroy us and take our freedom and dreams away from our children and grandchildren.  This ideology will destroy America if we do not stand up to it.  I know the motivation in the movement will crumble if we unite!

Membership is only $1.34 a month.  Members will be asked to complete surveys/questionnaires which are the anonymous “Voice of the Silent Majority.”   We will publish VSM results here and other places so that we are heard as a group.  Hopefully also creating courage for some of us to speak as individuals for our common causes.  We also have directory of similar and complementary patriotic organizations also fighting to keep America alive and well.  Members can add more organizations and causes to the directory.  Members can also participate on the VSM forum, a social media platform only open to members.  It is a place where we can discuss the problems unraveling the fabric that is holding the United States together, offer solutions to make us strong and coordinate efforts.  We can talk about school boards promoting Critical Race Theory, or university organizations teaching Marxist ideas and plan efforts to counter their effect on our youth.  A place where we can form groups and plan rallies and demonstrations to promote the Constitution and its greatness and other things good for America.

Why a dollar thirty-four?  34 cents go to the banks to pay for the transaction, cost is 30 cents plus 2.9%.  We wanted to make this affordable to all.  We don’t sell your data to make money; the dollar we get pays for members use of the website and its promotion to the public.  When we have thousands or millions of members, the money will be used to remove the unconstitutional laws that prevent the elected from truly representing those who elected them.  We will hire constitutional attorneys to file lawsuits on your behalf.  Excess money will go towards Wounded Warrior, other Veterans’ organizations, and St Jude for children.  Payment is set up monthly to establish a banking or financial relationship to ensure the members are real and not a corporate or foreign influence.  All members must attest to support and defend US Constitution, allegiance to the Flag of the United States, and love their country.  When we have enough members and donations, we will develop programs and marketing to counter the Marxist, socialist, communist, and totalitarian ideologies being promoted on our shores and other threats to the fabric that holds us together.  The organization behind VSM is Republic USA 2121 a corporation registered in Tennessee, not for profit applied for.  Republic USA 2121’s purpose is to continuously develop counter efforts to destructive policies, such as open border and CRT in our schools and military to ensure the United States is a democratic republic 100 and more years from now.

Why you?  Why me?  Good people in our government need OUR help changing policies and fighting the evil people who hate America and are focused on destroying us.  They need us to show we care and are informed.  VSM is here to do just that.  Why nonpartisan?  To qualify for nonprofit.  We cannot promote any political party or candidate.  Besides both democrats and republicans are responsible for the mess we are in.  Too many of the politicians are working for corporations and foreign governments instead of their constituents.  Some are so in love with power they are working to eliminate the effectiveness of our vote.  We need Voter ID laws, term limits and campaign finance reform.  VSM is a platform where we can coordinate efforts to fix these things to take our country back and safeguard the future for our children.  Candidates are welcome to state their case on the forum, but they must qualify as members attesting to their love for country, the constitution and flag like everyone else.  Dishonest candidates will be barred from access.

See you on the forum!

Thomas J Riordan, Jr

CEO Republic USA 2121


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