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Tax deductible status is pending with the IRS, should the 501c3 status be granted, donors will receive a tax deduction letter at the end of the year.  If you have questions, please send a message.

The purpose of this organization is (1) to explore the value of the US constitution to the citizen, (2) the significance of its development in the advancement of the human quality of life in history and (3) promote this knowledge to its members and causes they deem in need of this knowledge, such as to students in elementary schools through to students in colleges and universities. Additionally, (4) to take on causes that are counter to the Moral Majority’s Judeo-Christian values to which the United States was founded. Most importantly (5) to give the Moral Majority a platform to be heard and to encourage the normally quiet moral majority to speak up against the hypocrisy and lies promoted by those determined to destroy America’s individual freedoms. Lastly (6) to teach individual citizens' responsibilities required to keep democracy alive and healthy for the next hundred years. We cannot take any political or partisan sides to keep 501 3c status. There will always be those efforts out there. And encourage you to support them. By remaining politically neutral we hope to win the hearts of people who vote for one party or another based on emotion or misinformation. We want to educate on facts. We are not a propaganda arm of any agenda. On the contrary we intend to expose propaganda from every source. And teach people to be skeptical of information until determined true and how to discover the truth.

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