America Desperately Needs Campaign Finance Reforms

If you have been paying attention to public policy changes for the last few decades, you’ll plainly see that our politicians are in the pockets of the wealthy elite, if they aren’t members of that elite class themselves. One of our missions at Voices of the Silent Majority is to fight for campaign finance reforms so that politicians get back to their intended job — acting as public servants to the American people.

We’ve Already Seen the Cataclysmic Effects of Lobbying

Lobbying is just a fancy word for bribing. Lobbyists throw exorbitant amounts of money at public officials on behalf of private corporations and special interests groups in order to benefit their own interests. When faced with the almighty dollar, our politicians completely fail to maintain their oath to uphold the Constitution and act in the best interest of the American people.

Repeatedly, lawmakers have passed bills and removed laws in order to line their own pockets as they help corporations expand their influence over the daily lives of average Americans. We believe that the implementation of a few simple measures would bring the power back to the people and out of the hands of the wealthy elite:

  • Put a cap on how much specific groups can donate to a campaign, as well as how much money is spent on an election.
  • Eliminate pork-barrel legislation and omnibus bills by implementing a line-item veto system.
  • Impose term limits and abolish the concept of career politicians.
  • Fix gerrymandering and return to traditional political boundaries.

With the implementation of these key policies, we can knock the elite off of their thrones and mitigate future political corruption.

You Can Be Part of the Solution

If you want to restore the Founding Fathers’ vision as they implemented it in the Constitution, you can make donations for campaign finance reforms. When America’s working class comes together to make small donations here and there, we can overpower the elite’s massive bribes. Start by subscribing to Voices of the Silent Majority today.