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Voice of the Silent A website dedicated to educating and organizing the silent majority in the United States of America to give them a voice to influence the elected leadership.

This country was founded on the principles outlined in the Articles and Amendments of the United States Constitution. The full US Constitution is posted here with links to the official .gov website. Too many people take for granted the Charters of Freedom that established this great country of ours. Charters of Freedom are the United States Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We provide links to them so that more people will be exposed to them and possibly read them. It only takes about thirty minutes to read the Constitution. It took our founding fathers more than 10-years to write it.

The authors of the constitution foresaw the challenges our country would face throughout our history and provided the structure to not only survive but to also become the great nation it is. The documents are still very much relevant today. But not to entities that want to redistribute wealth and power by legislature or force. Or to the corporations who buy inefficient and wasteful contracts though campaign donations. Freedom can be easily lost by ignorant content apathetic people. But once it’s gone, so is the contentment. Freedom is much easier to keep than to gain back once lost.

We included the history to 'In God We Trust' to emphasize that the United States’ climb to greatness can be arguably attributed to the American People’s belief in God. People concerned about judgement day are more likely to be community oriented and selfless. They are more likely trustworthy and of good character.  Godless people tend to only worry about what is best for them. They will tell you what you want to hear to get what they want. They lie so convincingly they believe it themselves. A Christian can usually see an unbeliever’s flawed character with ease. The reverse is not applicable, unbelievers assume everyone lies. 

Imagine a country where most of the population goes to church. The early settlers migrated to America to escape religious persecution. They trusted God and were rewarded greatly. We inherited their reward. Are we going to let it slip away?

As we develop the site, members will organize efforts to change policies unfavorable to the silent majority and detrimental to the future of the United States of America. Additionally, as our capabilities improve, we plan to educate the silent majority with unbiased and balanced information and facts pertaining to the issues affecting all citizens of the United States. Meanwhile, we provide a forum for members to discuss the issues, form groups, and coordinate efforts to gain support from more in the silent majority.

We have no affiliation with any of the political parties in the United States of America. We neither endorse nor condone any of the parties. In fact, we believe our principles would attract citizens from all political parties. Most of the Silent Majority agree on ninety percent of the issues facing our country today. It is the ten percent of the issues that divide the nation. Eventually, we also plan to certify political candidates as true to the constitution. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, our purpose pertains to the political system currently in use and the abuses it creates with the individuals within the political parties. The current political system promotes corrupt behaviors by politicians as they seek the dollars needed to run a campaign for office. These behaviors are not generally tolerated in most businesses in America. However, bad behavior is practiced in the political arena to the point that right from wrong is not distinguishable in the gray area politicians operate. This must be corrected immediately so we can address the truly important issues threatening our republic.

We hope you enjoy the site and find it stimulating. After you have toured the pages go to 'contact us' and give your opinion and suggestions.

Thomas J Riordan, Jr

CEO Republic USA 2121