Voice of the Silent Majority Proudly Introducing our Sponsor Mark Ensomme

The Story of Greavtille

Written for everyone who still believes in the inherent greatness of America.

This rhyming tale unfolds the journey of America's rise to greatness and the challenges that have led us to today's struggles. "The Story of Greatville" is a heartfelt reminder that the founding principles laid out in the Constitution are the keys to guiding our beloved country back to its path. Told with the charm of rhyme, it makes for an enjoyable read that's also simple to grasp. It's a book every patriot who holds liberty dear should share with their family, spreading the belief that American ideals light the way for the world's future.

About Mark Ensomme

Mark Ensomme grew up in the heart of rural America, a place where the values of freedom and hard work were part of everyday life. From a young age, he loved to read and learn about everything from history to politics, always with a special place in his heart for the ideals that make America great. Inspired by this love, he wrote "The Story of Greatville" to share the important lessons of individual rights and the benefits of a government that doesn’t overstep its bounds.

Mark's book isn't just a story; it's his way of giving back to a country he loves by teaching kids about the principles that have kept it strong. He's a big believer in the power of free markets and feels lucky to call Tennessee home, where he lives with his wife and their two kids.

In simple terms, Mark is just a regular guy who's passionate about making sure future generations understand and cherish the freedoms we have. Through "The Story of Greatville," he hopes to spark a sense of pride in American values in the hearts of children and their families across the country.